Hopslam Old Pueblo 2

24 Hours of the Old Pueblo

Team Debauchery Ball sponsored by RikeBike entered the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo for the first, and likely last, time in 2016. Below are a few pics. And FYI, a high clearance vehicle would have been ideal for 24 hour town. [caption id="attachment_338" align="alignleft" width="300"] Sunrise on Saturday in 24 hour town[/caption] [caption id="attachment_339" align="alignleft" width="300"] Greg crushing the Le Mans style start. If only we had had a team of 4 Gregs...[/caption]           [caption id="attachment_340" align="alignleft" width="300"] Rich puts the debauchery in Team Debauchery Ball[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_341" align="alignleft" width="300"] I'm much better at drinking beer than riding a[/caption]        
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RikeBike head tube badge cropped

Head Tube Badge

I've had some copper sheet laying around the garage for a few years, and decided to take a crack at a head tube badge. A bike always looks incomplete to me without a little something on the head tube. I drilled and cut out the shape of a cog, and stamped 004 in it (for frame number 4). I was going to stamp 003 and put it on my road bike, but it turns out that the set of punches I bought is missing the "3". After I got it cut out, I filed and sanded off the sharp edges, and sanded the front smooth to remove any marks. I…
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Infinity Bike Seat Banner

Infinity Bike Seat Review: Pre-ride Impressions

Why I bought the Infinity Bike Seat For the last 18 months or so, I've been dealing with pain in my ischial tuberosity (or sit bone) on my right side. My physical therapist has diagnosed it as ischial tuberosity pain syndrome. I experience the most pain when I ride my road bike. I speculate this is because on the road bike, in comparison to a full suspension mountain bike, I don't move around on the saddle as much, I am not out of the saddle as much, and there is nothing to cushion any impacts, other than my butt. When  I sit on my saddle, I experience a sharp, stabbing…
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Gambel with 8 speed

RikeBike 001

I built my first frame in January/February of 2013. It was completed just before I went to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS), and gave me a real appreciation for the amazing craftsmanship on display at NAHBS. Things I did right: I studied the Paterek Manual. This book provided a great overview of building a frame. I bought bikecad. This greatly simplified designing the frame, and made mitering tubes a breeze. I built this frame off of a granite surface plate, which really works pretty well for the occasional frame. I just realized the picture below if of an aborted mountain bike frame, but the technique is the same. I…
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RikeBike Frame 004 headtube

RikeBike 004 – Karen’s Mountain Bike

This sweet little ride is my fourth frame from scratch, and my second fillet brazed frame. As would be expected, this frame turned out much better than my first mountain bike frame. This is my wife Karen's mountain bike and replaced her Cannondale Raven 800SL from 2001. Quite a change! I started out brazing with some flux I had from Henry James, but it was old, and dried out, and not working well. I ordered some new flux from Henry James and the brazing went much better. When the frame was nearly completed, I ran out of the brazing rod I had previously ordered from Henry James and finished up with…
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Silca Super Pista Gauge

Silca Super Pista Refresh

I have had one of these Silca Super Pista pumps for nearly 25 years, and the other for slightly less. They are fantastic pumps that are fully serviceable and will last a lifetime. Silca the Italian company was purchased recently by a former technical director from Zipp, and is now headquartered in Indiana. You can read the story here. The new owner has revitalized the company and is once again producing premium products. Parts for older Silca pumps are now readily available too. My pumps needed some refreshing so I ordered up some new gaskets for the chucks, new leather plungers for the inside, and a new gauge. The new gaskets…
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003 seat tube_Fotor 2

RikeBike 003

This was my third frame, second lugged road frame, and first silver brazed frame. It really came together nicely. The improvement from frame to frame is enormous when you're just getting started. The biggest thing I did differently from the first road bike was the silver brazing. On frame 001, I had some crappy lugs that were a little deformed, and I used bronze and flux from the local welding supply store. It was a mess. For this third frame, I ordered up some silver wire and flux from Henry James. I really should have known better first time around, but the premium materials made a HUGE difference. I was able…
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Rich's Bike Upon Completion_Fotor

Refurb Number 2

I love reusing things I already have, and refurbishing a frame to give it new life is one of my favorite forms of reuse.  Early in 2014 I repurposed an old Reynolds-tubed Trek, and in the summer of 2014 I completed this bike.  This frame was a new steel frame I picked up when I worked for Performance Bike a long time ago.  It served as my wife's bike for a couple years, and then spent over a decade hanging from the ceiling.  I had a friend who wanted a hardtail with cantilever mounts, and this frame seemed perfect.  I re-rerouted the rear brake cable to the underside of the…
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First Annual RikeBike GranD Fondo

The first annual RikeBike GranD Fondo took place on September 6, 2014.  We rode from just North of Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon.  It took us all day and it was a lot harder than we expected.  The downhill we anticipated never materialized... We loaded everything up in the Sportwagen in the morning and headed towards Flagstaff. The little wagon easily carried 4 people, 3 bikes, several coolers and enough gear for a comfortable overnight campout at the Grand Canyon.   The day started out beautifully with clear sunny skies and we proceeded at a comfortable pace stopping for pictures every now and then.  The route we followed approximated the…
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Finished Rikebike 002_Fotor

RikeBike 002 – Mountain Bike

This is my second complete bike frame, and first mountain bike.  I started building this frame last year (2013) and totally fubarred the main triangle so I scrapped it.  I finally got around to giving it another crack and overall in the spring of 2014, it turned out reasonably well.  This was my first fillet brazed frame and that was a lot of work.  As I was initially laying ugly fillets and then filing and sanding them, I thought to myself I never want to do this again.  Shortly after I finished though, the desire to master fillet brazing really took hold so I think I will be doing some…
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