About Chris Rike

Chris Rike in the RikeBike shop after completing build 002My name is Chris Rike. I’ve always had an interest in bikes that I credit to my father.  When I was little, I would ride my red tricycle around the front porch waiting for my dad to get back from his road rides and I always enjoyed riding as I grew up.  My interest in bikes really exploded as I entered high school.  I started riding USCF and club races and dreaming of that perfect job, the bike shop.

In 1994 after my first year of college, I got a job at BikeSource. During college, I began a collegiate cycling team and continued to work at BikeSource in the summers as a mechanic.  After college, I managed a BikeSource in Charlotte, NC.  I subsequently worked in a number of shops in North Carolina, including Performance Bike’s corporate headquarters and the fondly remembered Pedal and Paddle.  While at Performance, I attended Barnett’s Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs.  In 2002 I moved to Arizona and started a contracting company.  Now I operate Traffic Law Guys and Family Law Guys, but cycling is always on my mind and it is my primary leisure-time activity.

I created this website to share my bikes and bike-related things and thoughts.