Refurb Number 2

I love reusing things I already have, and refurbishing a frame to give it new life is one of my favorite forms of reuse.  Early in 2014 I repurposed an old Reynolds-tubed Trek, and in the summer of 2014 I completed this bike.  This frame was a new steel frame I picked up when I worked for Performance Bike a long time ago.  It served as my wife’s bike for a couple years, and then spent over a decade hanging from the ceiling.  I had a friend who wanted a hardtail with cantilever mounts, and this frame seemed perfect.  I re-rerouted the rear brake cable to the underside of the top tube and dimpled the insides of the chainstays to accommodate a tire of reasonable width.  I also added a double-sided bottle cap opener between the top tube and the down tube.  Then old paint was stripped, and a matte black powder coat with a little texture was applied.  The fork, an old Marzocchi, was also powder coated to match.  It all turned out great.  The 1×10 drivetrain really contributes to the clean look.

Rich's Bike Upon Completion