Refurb Number 1

July 1, 2013:

This project involves rehabbing a Trek 660 frame from around 1985.  This is a cool frame and fork made in Wisconsin with Reynolds 531 tubing.  It is over 30 years old though and could use some modifications and fresh paint to bring it up to date.  I’m going to remove the brake housing guides along the top tube and braze on some split guides on the bottom left side of the top tube.  I will also cold set the rear spacing to 130mm and hone the inside of the seat tube.  Then it is off to powder coating to be blast off the old paint and get a new color TBD.


I completed this frame refresh in the spring of 2014. I think it turned out great.  We used the parts kit off of a Cannondale R300 which swapped over perfectly.  The finish is powder coat, with an orange base coat and a sparkly clear coat.    Navy blue vinyl letters finished it off.