RikeBike 003

IMG_0106This was my third frame, second luggedIMG_0109 road frame, and first silver brazed frame. It really came together nicely. The improvement from frame to frame is enormous when you’re just getting started. The biggest thing I did differently from the first road bike was the silver brazing. On frame 001, I had some crappy lugs that were a little deformed, and I used bronze and flux from the local welding supply store. It was a mess. For this third frame, I ordered up some silver wire and flux from Henry James. I really should have known better first time around, but the premium materials made a HUGE difference. I was able to braze at a lower temperature, the silver flowed really well, and I generally made much less of a mess and had much cleaner shorelines.

003 Geometry w CK headset horizontal ttThis frame brazed up pretty straight andIMG_0112 true, and the seat tube needed virtually no reaming. I used adjustable horizontal dropouts for a classic look, and if I’m honest, because I wasn’t confident I could get the dropouts perfect and they allow a little fudge factor.

To finish the frame, I had it powder coated locally, and had some vinyl stickers cut locally. I had the stickers cut way too large, but used them anyway. I went for a classic build with an 11 speed Campagnolo Athena group and a Campagnolo Chorus and Mavic Open Pro wheel set. I used a NOS Profile full carbon fork. Total weight with pedals is about 19 pounds. It’s not light by today’s standards, but it’s the lightest road bike I’ve ever owned. It rides great too.