Silca Super Pista Refresh

Rebuilt Silca Super Pista pumpsI have had one of these Silca Super Pista pumps for nearly 25 years, and the other for slightly less. They are fantastic pumps that are fully serviceable and will last a lifetime. Silca the Italian company was purchased recently by a former technical director from Zipp, and is now headquartered in Indiana. You can read the story here. The new owner has revitalized the company and is once again producing premium products. Parts for older Silca pumps are now readily available too.

My pumps needed some refreshing so I ordered upNew Silca Super Pista Gauge some new gaskets for the chucks,┬ánew leather plungers for the inside, and a new gauge. The new gaskets made a HUGE improvement – the chucks simultaneously stay on better and are easier to put on and remove from a valve. Now my pumps operate better than new. Lesser pumps would simply be tossed into the garbage. Silca pumps are a must-have for the cycling enthusiast.

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