Spring 2019 Trip – MOAB


March 13 through 17, 2019. That’s a Wednesday through Sunday.


3 days of riding world-class, bucket list trails!





We will be staying at Big Bend Campground, about 20 minutes outside Moab. This campground is right on the Colorado River, so it should be pretty badass. Campsites are a first come, first served situation. I’m not sure what that will look like in March. There are three group sites that can be reserved. The smallest group site is $100/night and requires a minimum of 15 people, maximum of 20, and maximum 10 cars. I can’t imagine they police the number of people. If we can nail down some commitments and collect some money, we can reserve this. The government wants all $400 up front.


This will be a cook at the campsite arrangement for the most part. I envision cooking breakfast in the morning with our camp stoves, and grilling meat for dinner. Prodigious amounts of beer will be consumed all day. We’re going to need good cooler capacity 🙂 We can also restock in town after rides if necessary.

Non-Riding Recreation:

In addition to the aforementioned beer drinking and grilling of meat, we’re camping along the Colorado River, so bring your fly rod.

The Rides:

We’ll have three full days for rides. I’m planning one epic ride each day. This plan is tentative and subject to change.

Day 1


Day 2

UPS, LPS, Porcupine Rim

Day 3

Klondike Bluff.

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